Cinematic wedding editing services

This confusion forces videographers to differentiate their DLSR work from their camcorder work, which lead to associating videography with camcorders and cinematography with DSLRs. Unless you are really fast, I would guess that the same job would eat up to two days of your time.

You know the phrase "it does what it says on the tin". This way, all your weddings look similar and if any communication is required, you can email or Skype directly your editor. You made us feel very comfortable and at ease and we felt we could ask any question we liked without being made to feel daft - something which is very important to us.

I stopped working with them for two reasons. Drag the marquee to cover the The challenge was to basically tell the story of the city, but interpreted through their own eyes and to see if we could tell a cohesive story with both sets of images.

Currently I'm working with Dj Premier on a video series called " Bars in the booth ". I cannot cinematic wedding editing services him highly enough for any video needs you have.

Also consider cataloging virtually on your computer by indexing shots within file folders and labeling with file metadata. Edits should be motivated, create continuity of action and story, and in general have a seamless flow.

This is emotional and something our couples watch over and over again. Your clients will be stunned when they receive their film early! No need to go through multiple persons without really receiving the same answer.


This is all nonsense. We can also insert a light and unobtrusive cinematic score over some sections of the day to create a seamless and beautiful flow of footage. Perfect if you are looking for simple editing or color correction. Perhaps if I had taken the time to work with them, I could have gotten somewhere.

Cinematic Editing Edits has designed best-in-class workflow solutions to optimize outsourcing — to save you time and money. Post wedding videos are everlasting! Cost is available separately for Chennai and other destinations of Tamil Nadu.

10 Hot Wedding Video Ideas

While perfectly beautiful, tightly edited wedding videos are possible without the use of advanced editing and effects, trends in wedding videography are undoubtedly moving in the direction of the high-art. Wedding videos- the keepsake of a lifetime — benefit from this formula immensely if considered and applied by a skilled editor in post.

Outsourcing is a huge step forward if you are looking to grow your company. When we edit our work ourselves, we just get used to it and retouch it as best we can. Imagine for a minute everything you could do in two days: Pacing is timing, length and placement of clips. Fade-in, fade-out, dissolve, wipe, page peel, slide, stretch and zoom.

Make references to the important wedding characters as well: Since videographers often work solo, they commonly handle other elements of production, including editing, sound, lighting and more. This is probably the most often heard excuse for not outsourcing: Dennis has also used this cinematic look in his client work: Thank you, it has been invaluable to me and I will recommend you to anyone that needs wedding video training.

All of us being filmed were amateurs and nervous about being on camera. June 26, Cinematic is In — Editing Wedding Videos Editing wedding videos used to be about catching all the right elements of the event: As you will very quickly discover, having someone doing work that you do not enjoy doing, or that takes too much of your time, is liberating.

As of now I'll be trying out the new techniques and cool tips and tricks Think of all the free time you have now that you're not glued to the computer. As a novice to wedding videography, I had a few problems with camera handling, editing, DVD building, customer service, business decisions, dealing with clients, the right equipment to buy.

Cross dissolves may denote passing time.

Professional Wedding Video Editing

Our filmers will guide you choosing the costume as well.We create cinematic wedding films through a passion for video. To ensure top quality, we never overbook weddings, filming just per month.

This means that the editing process is not rushed and our clients get the final video back in good time. Welcome to Ambrosial Films! Your Cinematic Wedding Film Specialists! HD Cinematography. In House Editing. Same & Next Day Edits. Custom DVDs. Digital & Raw Files. As a full service production studio we offer a variety of services for our wedding clients: Services.

Professional Wedding Video Editing. View Demo. Service Description. Welcome and thank you for choosing my services! No need to keep the bride & groom waiting, you can have the video ready by next week!

- Cinematic editing with "film like" look - Color correction - Color grading. Generally cinematic in nature, our premium wedding films are created with thoughtful consideration, handpicked soundtrack and put together with care. Services to suit your needs Although we have multiple individual options and various packages.

All our wedding video editing services are handled by the right video editor from our team. Each and every one of them has an impressive background in multi-cultural wedding video editing so you can rest assured that all the key moments of your wedding will be captured in the final video.

Thank you very much for the wedding video, we can recommend to everyone! SERVICES THE THINGS THAT WE DO WELL. Editing. We will edit your video from top to the bottom.

Whole post-process.

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That means professional cut, sound design, color grading and special effects. Cinematography.

Cinematic wedding editing services
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