Business plan for a driving range

Also, compensation will be above the norm for these positions. Doe is not seeking an investment from a third party at this time. We can help you make your dream of owning a golf range become reality.

Indoor facilities can target companies and families to sell parties that include a meal and use of the facility for a specific amount of time. Investors will want to understand the unique elements of your driving range and how they combine to create competitive positioning that they can profit from.

Perhaps the location you have chosen has great visibility from a major highway. One of our clients started a fully digital indoor driving range that simulated an outdoor environment.

Even though this is a service oriented business, we intend to also derive income from products we intend to use in catering to all our various customers. The three target market segments Emerald is focusing on are Children, Adults, and Schools. Financial Forecast Build a monthly revenue model.

Every corporation and office within a mile radius will be targeted. There are no numbers for rent or mortgage expense because MCGC expects to operate with no long-term debt.

Golf Driving Range Business Plan

Facility Description First, describe the layout of your driving range and the number of practice bays and any additional facilities, such as a snack bar.

The increased number of customers may open up opportunities to offer golfing lessons, sell more golfing equipment, or expand your snack-shack into a larger restaurant.

Golf Driving Range Business Plan

Customize this business plan or create your own with Business Plan Pro software. Select your state below for an in-depth guide on completing each of these steps in your home state. These dividers provide excellent opportunity for smaller companies to advertise. Normally, money and available land will play a big part in determining your range location.

To this effect, we intend to ensure that we offer our customers excellent services by quickly resolving complaints and giving out discounts or extra bucket of balls monthly to our loyal customers. Business Model The components of a business model include the revenue streams your driving range is expected to generate.

Our market strategy is based on becoming a viable choice for people looking for a place to practice every aspect of the game of golf. We will have programs in place to meet the needs of kids wanting to learn the game of golf.

Below is a sample of our membership packages. While MCGC will derive a major portion of its revenue from buckets of range balls, it will use new and innovative ways to increase revenues. Emerald will strive to make each customer feel that they are important to our business and will give each customer value for their dollar.

Know your area and target popular golf courses as a place to reach out to potential customers. A first-class driving range with slots for 50 golfers along with two chipping greens and two putting greens will be available.

Therefore the areas which Mr. The proposal can be used to generate interest from prospective investors or lenders. Payment Options Having the right payment options is very vital especially as our diverse customers would prefer not to be limited to just one or two options but to have several options that would be quite convenient for them.

Heated tee areas can increase your business during the colder months. Based on historical numbers, the business could fetch a sales premium of up to 4 times earnings. Running a basic driving range is not super complicated. Targeting advertising from golf companies and MCGC will increase revenues.

Start-Up Marketing Start-up marketing will include print and radio advertising, PR, direct market mailing, and a "killer" website.

We intend to lower our prices in the first three months than what is generally obtainable here in Florida, this is so as to be able to attract the number of customers we would need for our driving range business. Students and young professionals will use your facility to improve their golfing game, teens will enjoy hitting a few balls with their friends, and dedicated lifelong golfers will enjoy the convenience of a driving range when they don't have time for an entire game.

The table showing performance comparisons illustrates the performance of driving ranges from average and top 5 percent of all ranges in the U. The above sales projection is based on the available data and the information obtainable in the industry right now. Between each tee is a tee divider. Strategic Analysis with current research!FREE 3-part email mini-course: “Golf Range Development ” You can get FREE info about how to plan, design, and build your own golf driving range by signing up for this email mini-course.

Golf Driving Range Business Plan; Golf Driving Range Photo by: olly. BUSINESS PLAN MOUNTAIN CEDAR GOLF CLUB Mountain Cedar Drive Kerrville, Texas Mountain Cedar Golf Club is a driving range located in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas.

This plan raised $ million in capital for the company's owners. Gun Range Development Presented by: Thomas O. Willingham Point Blank Range & Gun Shop Cincinnati, Ohio [email protected] Dream First.

ExecuteSecond. Business Plan Ten-Mile Radius Fifteen-Mile Radius Twenty-Mile Radius Projection1, 1, Driving Range Business Plan. When creating a business plan for a driving range, there are several things that you will need to agronumericus.comr or not the driving range will be indoors, its location, any additional products/services provided will also be positioning factors.

How to Write a Driving Range Business Proposal

Starting a business is a little like buying a house. You want to research the neighborhood and builder before pulling the trigger. In starting a business, you want to find out whether there is demand for your idea, how the business model works, and what are some of the best practices of a successful business.

Jan 19,  · How to Start a Driving Range Business At first, some may think that a driving range is simple to operate. However, before starting a driving range, there are some factors to consider/5(20).

Business plan for a driving range
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