Benefits of family friendly policies essay

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On the contrary, enabling work-family balance advances employee recruitment and retention, improves worker productivity, and reduces absenteeism.

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Policies of Family Friendly Companies Essay Sample

In fact, studies show that firms offering benefits like paid leave and workplace flexibility are more productive overall. But actually the shapes of written symbols are strikingly similar across many languages.

To access the life insurance conversion estimator tool, please click here. In addition, family- friendly accommodations promote positive community relations and customer loyalty, 21 especially since polling data show that the public overwhelmingly favors these policies.

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Not only do family-friendly policies improve the recruitment of skilled workers, but they also aid in retaining these employees. How might this fail?This study uses panel data analysis to estimate the family-friendly policy effect.

The result of the analysis suggests that the number of family-friendly policies is positively associated with labor productivity in public organizations.

However, the number of family-friendly policies does not reduce the turnover rate. In this essay, I Have attempted to present suggest to implementation of family-friendly policies on families, or employers both have many favorable factors, together with the Hong Kong Government and the enterprises' efforts, this measure would allow employers and employees there will be a win-win situation.

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Family friendly can even be further extended to apply to individual workplaces or enterprises that offer a special abundance of family friendly practices, policies and employment benefits.

Family friendly benefits can be broadly defined as benefits that are available to employees for the purpose of helping them balance work and family. Apr 18,  · Addressing the common arguments against work-family accommodations displays the clear advantages of family-friendly workplace policies, which widely benefit workers, families, and businesses.

By Lucille Marshall.

Benefits of family friendly policies essay
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