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Lutie is fast enough to grab an iron candlestick. She became sickened by typhoid during the siege of Atlanta. Petry descriptively characterizes in her novel, in order to establish a relationship between the setting and the main character, Lutie. Then after removing the door key from his pocket leaves to go to the attorney.

Part I[ edit ] The novel opens April 15,[15] at " Tara ," a plantation owned by Gerald O'Hara, an Irish immigrant who has become a successful planter, and his wife, Ellen Robillard O'Hara, from a coastal aristocratic family of French descent.

The Street by Ann Petry: Literary Analysis

The Street was a big change for Lutie who had at one time had her own house with her husband Jim. She learns she is pregnant with her fourth child.

In other words, the wind is deliberately interfering with its surroundings, creating a stressful situation where one would need a sanctuary to avoid the sinister gusts. She miscarries a fourth child during a quarrel with Rhett when she accidentally falls down the stairs.

She was ambitious and thought she could move up and do better for her and Bub. People face many obstacles throughout their life and it seems like inanimate objects are trying to stop them from getting what they want. The devices all tie into the weather and the strong sense of setting and character, yet also differentiate between each other is small ways.

For Scarlett, the ideal is embodied in her adored mother, the saintly Ellen, whose back is never seen to rest against the back of any chair on which she sits, whose broken spirit everywhere is mistaken for righteous calm The picture of bones and old papers flying around on the streets give a creepy feel and a feeling of desperation, but there may be some hope for Lutie Johnson.

It is a great book, and I recommend it to everyone. He enjoins Scarlett to drink with him. She had to take a job as a live-in maid in Connecticut and was only able to come home twice a month to her husband and son. The wind is the protagonist of the story and a villainous monster.

The Street by Ann Petry is a novel about a woman, Lutie Johnson, who finds herself in this situation. Bread was very popular then, but mostly Americans buy their bread at the grocerie store in a plastic bag.

They marry two weeks later. Diction may be a bit hidden throughout the snippet of the novel, but the parts that are there make the reader feel as though they are in the time frame that is set.

Before the party has even begun, a rumor of an affair between Ashley and Scarlett spreads, and Rhett and Melanie hear it. The headstone of each boy is inscribed "Gerald O'Hara, Jr.

Melanie becomes the center of Atlanta society, and Scarlett gives birth to Ella Lorena: Lutie was a high school graduate but it was the only job she could find, at the time.

Min went home knowing that she would not be put out. She was also ill with typhoid during the siege of Atlanta. Scarlett's mother is dead, her father has lost his mind with grief, her sisters are sick with typhoid feverthe field slaves have left after Emancipation, the Yankees have burned all the cotton, and there is no food in the house.

Rhett, more drunk than Scarlett has ever seen him, returns home from the party long after Scarlett. Petry further exemplifies the winds relationship with Lutie through a complex description of imagery.

As people sparsely walk by they are somewhat frightened by the "rattled Mitchell is critiquing masculinity in southern society since Reconstruction. But Lutie is able to read the sign anyway, and embraces the building, while trying to hold the wind back.

So he decides that he will put her out. While on her way home one evening, she is accosted by two men who try to rob her, but she escapes with the help of Big Sam, the former Negro foreman from Tara. In directing the attention of emigrants to this part of Upper Canada, we do no more than our duty, as no other part of North America is thriving more rapidly, nor does there any other offer more inducements to new settlers.

Suddenly Scarlett's eyes fill with tears, and Ashley holds her head against his chest.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

I could not believe how wonderful the writing was in this book.I could see the grass blowing in the wind.I am reading & re-reading the Negro books by Langston Hughes, Arna Bontempts & others I will TREASURE this book forever.

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In the excerpt from Ann Petry’s The Street, Lutie Johnson’s resistance to the city and the surrounding area of th street is shown through explicit imagery and personification of the wind.

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The Street by Ann Petry: “There was a cold November wind blowing through th Street.” You’re alone in an unfamiliar, grimy and bitter city, just looking for a place to spend the night.

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Ann petry the wind
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